Open Category




Entries must be fresh work that responds to the brief, that is, this year’s Open Category theme. It can be the actual finished product, prototype, or a concept board. The work for the Open Category will be judged based on the brilliance and feasibility of the idea, and in the case of a finished product, the potential of the work.


Entries may be presented in any format– illustration, typography, photography, 3D product, wearable, video, mobile application, etc., as long as it responds to the brief. Work may be submitted individually, or in a group of up to four (4) members. Concept board should include:

• Brief description

• Insight

• Explanation of execution

• Potential for positive Impact


Special awards and prizes will be given to entries submitted in these formats. Entries must still conform to the stated brief to be eligible for the award.


InspirE Humanity Through Design

Meaningful and purposeful design, in all its forms, is essential to support our challenged humanity. Inspired creativity applied in design solutions can serve humanity and change lives forever.


Recent design solutions include 3D printed prosthetic bones, braille mobile phones, AR in education, rehabilitation, and therapy, or simple solutions like creating light from discarded soda bottles. Even a graphics application on a driver’s license or consumer packaging can dramatically alter mindsets and simplify processes. An app, a useful interpretation of a location map, and Artificial Intelligence solutions: all these form part of our theme, “Inspiring Humanity Through Design.”


Design is creativity that should serve a function and purpose, constructed to serve humanity, and have aesthetic as a core value.


This award recognizes entries in the mobile application format that present creative solutions to social issues or problems.

Professional Category

Open to all design professionals, Philippines, Asia and other foreign-based companies or individuals. Entry is eligible if the work is released between 01 March 2016 to 20 March 2017.

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This award recognizes the best and most inspirational photo that exemplifies “Tibay ng Pinoy” and portrays the strength of will of Filipino families. As per Milk Code, no photos of pregnant or lactating mothers and children under three years old will be accepted.