Open Category




Entries must be fresh work that responds to the brief, that is, this year’s Open Category theme. It can be the actual finished product, prototype, or a concept board. The work for the Open Category will be judged based on the brilliance and feasibility of the idea, and in the case of a finished product, the potential of the work.


Entries may be presented in any format– illustration, typography, photography, 3D product, wearable, video, mobile application, etc., as long as it responds to the brief. Work may be submitted individually, or in a group of up to four (4) members. Concept board should include:

• Brief description

• Insight

• Explanation of execution

• Potential for positive Impact


Technology has changed humanity and is still continuing to change how we live, work, and play. It spurred the rise of digital media, and this has changed how experience the world and how we communicate with each other.


As such, a new medium requires different aesthetics and designs that are appropriate for the experience of the person using it. Vertical videos made for vertical smartphone screens, responsive website design, and UI/UX studies are all driven by design thinking — one that considers both the medium and the user.


At its core, design is creativity that should serve a function and purpose. In a digitally connected world, design must adapt to the medium and the user to fulfill both function and purpose.

Professional Category

Open to all design professionals and companies in Asia. Entry is eligible if the work is released between 01 January 2017 to 03 March 2018.

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